Rules and Regulations:

  • ATTENDANCE: Athletes (or parent) MUST sign in on attendance sheets nightly.  Print athlete’s first name and then last name.  The athlete (or parent) may only sign in for themselves. DO NOT sign-in for an athlete that is not there.
  • BOUNCED CHECKS: Once a bounced check is returned to the club by the bank, we can only accept a money order or cash from that family.
  • CHILDREN UNDER AGE FIVE: Due to our insurance rider, we cannot register any child below the age of five. NO EXCEPTIONS. Those who turn five during the season may join prior to their birthday.
  • DUES: $80 per child/$160 per family. Dues must be paid on date of registration. No application will be accepted without full payment unless previously discussed with Coach Hennessy. If a guest earns the banquet (25 points) full payment will be required in order to attend.
  • EXPULSION: Weapons, fighting, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, vandalism, fire setting all will get you expelled ON THE SPOT! Use of prescription medications under a doctor’s orders are allowed including inhalers.
  • GUESTS: We allow guests anytime, anyplace, practice or meet. They are the responsibility of the club member who brought them. They should sign-in on the attendance logs.
  • PARKING: Parents may only park in designated areas. Please limit neighborhood or street parking.
  • MIDDLE-SCHOOL TRACK TEAM PARTICIPATION: Any middle school athlete who competes for his/her school track team in the spring will receive 8 points. Fall programs do not count toward this total.
  • POINTS SYSTEM: One point for each practice, two points for meets and in-town special events, three points for the Squirrel Run and Kelly Meet, Four for the Corporate Challenge, Southfield and Jog-a-Thon. Every athlete should average eight (8) points per month. In order to qualify for the banquet, an athlete must earn 25 points. Athletes who fall just shy of the 25 MAY be invited to the banquet pending evaluation by the Director. Members who fall shy of the 25 but have a sibling who qualifies will advance to the banquet. NO BONUS POINTS FOR BRINGING GUESTS!
  • TRACK & FIELD UNIVERSITY: This program runs Wednesday nights and involves rotating stations of activities and a Boot Camp style training program. A pizza party is held at the conclusion of this 12 week program. A member must have attended a minimum of 50% of all scheduled dates in order to attend.
  • FUNDRAISING: We require athletes to participate in the Rotary Club Jog-a-Thon, the Corporate Challenge, or Southfield Corporate Event or all. Any athlete who does not participate in either fundraiser or make the $10 donation to Rotary will NOT attend the banquet. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • PRACTICE LIMITATIONS: An athlete may come as many times as they wish on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays. Practices run from 6:15pm to 7:30pm. Members should attend twice weekly when possible.
  • REFUNDS: Refunding of the registration fee will only occur prior to the athlete’s third practice session – PERIOD!
  • SIGNING-IN: Athletes must sign-in nightly to insure proper attendance records. If you do not sign-in, you will not receive credit for being at practice. Parents please make sure your child signs first name THEN last name in the book LEGIBLY. If anyone must leave practice early, they must check out with the HEAD coach.
  • SMOKING: No smoking anywhere inside Faxon Field. Must go minimum of 20 feet beyond the gates.
  • SUSPENSION: Inappropriate language, threatening behavior, horseplay, failure to obey the staff, signing-in on attendance books for someone else, writing inappropriate comments in the sign-in books and other such violations will result in suspension.
  • TRANSPORTATION: All athletes MUST furnish their own transportation to out-of-town activities.

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