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Geoff Hennessy began his coaching career as one of the original staff of QTC in 1974. He took over the reigns as director at the age of 19 with the untimely death of club founder Frank Kelly in 1976. The club maintained a membership of over 400 kids and established itself as a feeder system for local high schools and colleges under Geoff’s guidance.

He began his scholastic coaching in 1976 at Sterling Jr. High. With stops at Atlantic Middle School and a two year stint at North Quincy, he joined the staff at U-Mass Boston helping lead the Beacons to four NCAA division 3 Championships while coaching 20 All-Americans. He returned to North Quincy High in the fall of 1988 and continues to lead the Red Raiders to league titles and other accolades.

A 1974 graduate of North Quincy High, Hennessy was named “first captain” by legendary coach Lou Tozzi. With 13 Boston Marathons under his belt and a personal best of 3:07, his athletic accomplishments have spoken for themselves. He holds a bachelors in Psychology from U-Mass Boston and a masters in Exercise Physiology. A Masters level track official and a member of the Mass Track & Field Officials Association, Geoff is Level I certified for coaching by the USATF.


From Geoff Hennessy, Head Track & Field Coach of North Quincy High School & Quincy Track Club, MA
When I was a junior in HS a buddy and I got this crazy idea that we would start a track club. Rumor had it that one of the proposed sites for the Boston Schoolboy Indoor track (now the Reggie Lewis Center) would be over the North Quincy MBTA stop, which was directly across the street from our school! Our coach and several parents said “nice try but kids wouldn’t stick with track”. … They were wrong in our case! When news of the Quincy Track Club’s founder Frank Kelly dying reached me I returned to the area and helped his widow run the club for a year before taking over at the age of 20.

Why do I coach? Basically I have always had a need to organize things, from neighborhood army games or sporting events I was picking the teams and putting people in places to succeed from a very early age. I liken coaching an athlete to painting a picture. Everyone paints what they see. Every portrait is different. These athletes are my creation. The field and the track are my easel. There’s nothing better than seeing a plan come together and an athlete doing their best in competition. It’s a rush that has no comparison. I’ve met the greatest people, and have traveled to places I would not have otherwise. Through coaching, officiating and competing I’ve lived a full life and touched the lives of thousands. I can’t think of a time that I’ve regretted it.

How to reach Coach Hennessy:
Cell phone: 617-510-1456


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